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The Homeopathic Symposium Learning Center contains our library of interactive Case Videos and Multimedia Tutorials. The section links below lead to searchable databases of our cases and tutorials.

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Previews consist of short segments of pre- and post-treatment interviews. These may be viewed free-of-charge to observe the positive effects of homeopathic treatment, or to select cases you might wish to view in their entirety.

Each full course consists of a streaming video intake interview; interactive case analysis segments including assembly of the totality of characterizing symptoms, repertorization, discussion of the chosen remedy and important differentials, and provider commentaries; and streaming video followup interviews, typically totally 4-5 hours of interactive learning.

Videos may be purchased individually or as part of a subscription package.

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Featured Course

37 Year Old Female - A Case of Guilt and Allergic Reactions

When a swim coach’s allergies get worse and start to include congestion from exposure to chorine, homeopathy is tried as a last resort. The case unfolds a deep long-term guilt from the past that still impacts the way this patient lives her life today. In addition to the use of a classical analysis and repertorization, this case also discusses how Dr. Sankaran’s miasms, and the Vital Sensation approach may be used to lead us to a deep acting remedy for this case.

We are assembling a growing collection of presentations on homeopathic practice, philosophy and materia medica, created by respected teachers. These seminar-quality narrated slideshows may be viewed at your own pace, on your own schedule. Presentations are designed to complement the formal study of homeopathy, or serve as material for continuing education for established practitioners.

Viewings of Multimedia Tutorials may be purchased individually or as part of a subscription package.

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Featured Multimedia Tutorial

Introduction to the Vital Sensation Approach by Dr. Rajan Sankar - Part One of a three part series introducing this revoluntionary new approach.

Filmed at the recent Esalen seminar, this 3 part 4 hour edited series is a clear, concise and thorough introduction to the Vital Sensation Approach.

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